Reserve one for Christmas!!! Born Dec 8th.
Our two pugs had their first and only liter together and we're looking for good homes. Pugs were never bred to chase mice, hunt, retrieve... they were bred to be perfect companions so we're looking for loving homes. We own both parents who are healthy and from separate bloodlines (and separate provinces). We will have all puppies vaccinated, dewormed and vet approved before they are homed.
We have 4 puppies total available. We encourage early adoption and frequent visits. We are taking names in order of receipt for a wait list so please feel free to contact us with your name and phone number and we'll get back to you.
Here are the puppies (current weights @ 19 days old) with temp names:
Frank (aka Slug) - born at 7oz and currently 29.6oz
Cassie (TAKEN) - born at 3.7oz and currently 26.5oz
Tulip - born at 5.8oz and currently 30.6oz
Frank (aka Stud) - born at 6.95oz and currently 31oz
Paris - born at 5.4oz and currently 30.1oz
Pictured below are:
Pic 1: All pups feeding together
Pic 2: Cassie (Taken)
Pic 3: Tulip (Available)
Pic 4: Frank, aka Stud (On Hold)
Pic 5: Paris (Available)
Pic 6: Frank, aka Slug (Takn)
Located near Port Maitland.
Thanks and Happy New Year!